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     Dyna Technology Co., Ltd. has gotten many certificates such as Certificate of Approval for High-tech Enterprises, Software Enterprise Certificate, Certificate Of Approval for Foreign Investment Enterprises, Export Enterprise Registration Certificate, ISO9000 Quality Management System Certificate, R&D Organization Certificate In Beijing, Certificate from globally recognized official ?IPv6 Ready Logo Committee of IPv6 Forum and IPv6 Ready Logo Certificate, and more than ten copyright patents Certificates

     In September 2004, Dyna was named as "Zhongguancun Outstanding Students Abroad Enterprise" together with Sina, Sohu and other well-know enterprises. In December 2006, Dyna got the Excellence Award of Chinese students abroad entrepreneurship in the first "Chunhui Cup" Competition. In February 2007, Dyna won the "the most return investment award for 2006 Top 10 Zhongguancun the most development potential small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises".

     In 2008, Dyna launched a number of wireless phone (Wifihone), and cooperated with many major telecommunications operators to make wireless phone to the mass consumer market; in the industry market, Dyna also made a big progress, quickly became the nation’s largest Coal wireless phone manufacturer.


     The following is some Qualification Certificates of Dyna:

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