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  E30 is a three-anti cell phone based on DynaPhone E10 combined with the special needs.  
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Products introduction
   E30 is an industrial-strong multi-mode wireless smart hand-held terminal designed for industry / professional users, which has more functions: integrating all functions of data terminals, clusters walkie-talkie, cell phones, and flashlight. E30 fully meets the demands of industry users in information, task order, Cluster-to-talk, Voice, rescue and so on. As the industry users usually work outdoors, in poor environment, E30 with its’ industrial-grade robustness ensures its quality. E30 gives full consideration to the design of anti-VI: waterproof, dustproof, anti-break, anti-Shock, anti-static; protective shell should be consistent with the performance of IP54 about Protection level in GB 4208-93. E30 uses wireless Wi-Fi communication; can meet the real-time communication, reliability, high-bandwidth requirements of industry users.

·WLAN signal strength and battery level status display
·Call log scan and speed dial
·Push to Talk function (One key Alarm)
·200 records phonebook
·Polylingual menu display
·Support Stopwatch, Calendar, Calculator
·Support Wi-Fi wireless software upgrades
·Support Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS)
·Support SMS function

Product features

Powerful industry-oriented functions
· Matching set of wireless network communications solution, low-cost and efficient industrial applications
· PTT cluster radio functions, instant effective information send
· SOS one key alarm, designed for help and rescue for industry users under emergencies.
The rugged design
·Can be used in harsh environment
·Able to withstand falling down to concrete floor from 1.5 meters high many times.
·Protective shell meets the performance standards of IP54, can ward off dust and splash water from every direction.
Typical applications
·Transportation: command scheduling, group talk, information, data acquisition, task orders in airports, ports, railway stations, subway, etc.
·Postal and courier: command scheduling, group talk, information, data acquisition, etc.
·Power: power lines / equipment inspection, data acquisition, and so on.
·Mining / oil and gas exploration: command scheduling, group talk, information, data collection, inspection equipment and so on.
·Public utilities: Data Acquisition.

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